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Covid 19 announcement

At Renwick body massage, we are strongly committed to keeping our customers safe. We have added additional hand sanitisers, applying the 4sqm rule when deemed necessary and disinfecting surface areas before and after customers. Other hygienic practices from which we have applied pre-covid are sheets regularly been changed and towels being washed. The shop is constantly vacuumed and the windows are always opened to let in the fresh air. 

We want to let all our customers know that you are in safe hands when you visit RBM. To continue enjoying our services, we need your help! We need you to use the hand sanitiser when coming into our premises and to sign in and out using the QR code. If you have been experiencing mild symptoms of a cough, cold or fever in the last few days, we recommend that you visit a doctor ASAP and to stay home. For those that dont sign in through their phone MUST sign in at the shop through their the guest book. 

We hope you enjoy your visit at Renwick Body Massage.

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