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Dragon tendon story

Case study

We suggest the best for you of dragon tendon once a week, and 5 times is a complete term.if you like keep your reproduction best two weeks or three weeks do one time



After you finish a term of dragon tendon


There's few good changes below:

1: your urine color might be darker, it's normal, and you might also feel your urination more stronger.

2. Your penis is more active, more hard and strong, and can stay boner more time.

3. You might have more chance to get morning glory, and harder.

4. You will feel good sleep ,good energy &good power

These above situation are normally, please don't worry and enjoy the good change that we are very honored to bring to you in your life!

我們建議您效果最好的療程是一週一次,一共五次為一個療程單位.之後如果你想保持男人系統好,你可以2️周或3周做一次. 當您結束一個療程後,您會感到以下的變化:

1. 您的尿液顏色有可能變深,並且您在排尿的同時會感到比較順暢且有力

2. 您的陰莖將比以往更有活力,更硬更強壯,並且更持久

3. 您可能會有更多的機會晨勃,晨勃的同時也會比以往強壯

4. 上述的改變狀況都是正常的,請放心,我們感到非常榮幸能為您服務,讓您邁向更健康活力的生活!

*John, Chinese, 58 years old


John has been taking Viagra since 2012 but only 3 years ago, the effects of viagra became less effective. This has led to levels of dissatisfactions amongst himself as well as his partner.


John was then recommended to Renwick body massage by a regular customer who knew of John’s situation and that the dragon tendon would assist him. 


John was very nervous at first coming forth with his problems. After a consultation over the phone and understanding Johns needs, he then booked a dragon tendon massage. 


John now is a regular client and has been coming for over 3 months with results being a complete success. Ever since his first service, John has experienced increase levels of libido where viagra is not needed to achieve a younger mans sex drive. Positive results will also improve self esteem.


At Renwick body massage, we have helped hundreds of people in similar situations like John and it brings us joy to see successful results in our clients which will only drive us into the future to service the greater communities.


*Names have been changed to protect identities  


客戶John 中國人,58歲
















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